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What We Do

We founded our Engineering company to help democratize new products design and development, putting in the hand of our clients a well-established team of talented and highly qualified engineers. We are a one-stop-shop for startups, businesses and Inventors that ensures a continuous hand over of turn-key solutions and quality services. Our passion in product development and mechatronics is our number one motivation to strive for excellence.

Our Story

Inovtech Engineering

We believe that it’s time for inventors, business owners, and opportunity creators to stop putting new ideas off, only because they don’t have the time and the resources to take on interesting opportunities and bring them to life. Without taking risks, losing time building infrastructure, or investing unnecessary amounts of money to find and employ the right people, our clients can leverage our expertise and refined engineering processes to reduce the risks at the time of development and as well as in production. We have proven that our core value proposition is the only way to take our clients’ productivity to the next level and expand their engineering capacity without increasing the costs. Keeping your “NRE” low enough and increasing your profitability on new non-explored opportunities is key to creating new successful products and impacting people’s lives positively. We are always committed not only to providing the best quality services but also to living the dream with you by making your project a real success!

At Inovtech Engineering, we believe that cutting-edge technologies in communication and worldwide collaboration are the new thrust to accelerate designing and building new ideas from scratch and help leverage talents around the world without any limit. Virtual companies and outsourcing have proven that the old classic approaches to developing new products and innovating is no longer viable for the quick changing and evolving world. We pride ourselves on giving valuable services to creative minds which we believe will help push the world to become a better place through developing technology and products that solve every day’s problems and challenges

After gaining 10+ years of experience acquiring the know-how and having a superior passion in the product and system development industry by working extensively on high-complexity projects and partnering with international clients and suppliers (for example China, Germany, USA) to tackle challenging technical solutions in the automotive, robotics and industrial fields, Saif Labidi has gathered his cross-functional team of experts in the field of mechanical and mechatronic engineering and put it at your disposal to develop your projects and get your product tested and validated fast, reducing time to market and allowing a full-potential entry.