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Our Expertise

Our team has made its path into acquiring high-level expertise in our main fields of activity, our core assets reside in our team’s creativity and passion combined with experience tackling challenging projects along our exciting journey. We believe in sustainable learning and we don’t settle for what is common through our constant curiosity.

Inovtech Engineering team has constantly been acquiring knowledge and expertise in the following 14 of our key assets:


Taking an idea and turning it into a functional and manufacturable physical product or system


hopping on our clients moving train of projects and helping them finish what they started on time and on budget


Leading engineering projects and collaborating with different stakeholder, suppliers, clients etc…


Generating accurate designs and drawings in the fastest and most reliable ways.


Using state of the art tools and software packages to develop mechanical and mechatronic systems from an idea to a working solution.


Applying best practices in a wide range of production processes including injection molding, CNC-Machining, Sheetmetal fabrication, structural design, 3D printing


Electronic and PCB design, Embedded software development and Hardware programming


Optimizing manufacturability of designs to suit high production volumes and cost-effectiveness while keeping high quality measures


Optimizing designs for high quality and mechanical efficiency


Optimizing workflow of engineering and product development projects to shorten development time and ensure lowest “NRE” (Non-Reccuring Engineering Costs) while keeping market efficiency


Implementing a continuously-improving process that has been put together and refined by our team to suit nowadays industry requirements


Implementing value engineering, DFMA, MoB decision making


Collaborating with our manufacturing relations to facilitate supply chain management


Sourcing components, filtering suppliers for our Designs’ BOMs and Data management