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Mechanical Design

& Engineering

Mechanical Design & Engineering

Inovtech Engineering can handle anything your project requires, from value engineering to mechanical design solutions where any part, product or system can be manufactured and assembled.
To this end, we implement high-quality practices and disciplines to improve the technical quality of your product or system. Our methods include but are not limited to

Our mechanical design team utilizes the best available technology and software tools to ensure smooth and timely results throughout the engineering development process.

Our team knows how to communicate design drawings in accordance with best industry practices to ensure smooth manufacturing operations for our engineered solutions. We use DFMA to ensure optimized product assembly and maintainability.

To prevent part failure and achieve reliability during production and operation, we use advanced simulation tools to verify the mechanical strength of the part and its structural integrity through stress analysis using the FEA method.
We are also experts in kinematics, motion dynamics and gear design and simulation.
In addition, we rely on our experience and best practices to develop mechanically reliable parts.
We have rich experience in: plastic part design, sheet metal part design, CNC machining part design.