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Sheet Metal Fabrication.

The basics of sheet metal fabrication

Sheet metal processing is an inexpensive technique for producing thin metal parts. Cut, fold, and process a metal plate to make an object. Both prototypes and end-use parts can be made from sheet metal. Sheet metal processing is a key manufacturing process that makes everything from auto parts to beverage cans. Sheet metal fabrication is one of the most cost-effective manufacturing methods when a piece of metal can be bent and cut into shape.

When to choose sheet metal fabrication

We go for sheet metal fabrication for product designs that don’t make sense with 3D printing or with CNC machining. In general, you should choose sheet metal fabrication when: – The object is too big to be made with a 3D printer. – Designs requiring thin walls or large cavities. – You can bend and cut metal into any shape you like. Sample products include metal grills, electronic chassis, custom mounts, and metal canisters. Applications range from automotive and aerospace structures to simple secondary-use parts.