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A Guide through Product Engineering Development

Case Study: Complex Robotic Product Development

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This eBook is a comprehensive guide through the essential stages of complex robotic product development, offering insights and strategies, It outlines the critical steps and interdisciplinary methodologies required to transition from conceptualization to a fully functional robotic system. With a focus on integrating hardware, software, mechanical design, and rigorous testing, the guide offers a comprehensive roadmap for navigating the challenges inherent in bringing sophisticated robotic products to market.

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    Concept Design: Initiating the journey with brainstorming and preliminary sketches, focusing on innovation and practicality

    System-Level Design: Integrating hardware and software components to ensure seamless system functionality.

    Detailing: Refining designs with precision, focusing on the specifics of each component for optimal performance.


    DFMA: (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly): Simplifying the manufacturing process, reducing costs, and ensuring product quality.


    Prototyping: Creating functional models to test design concepts and identify improvements.


    Testing: Rigorously evaluating the prototype to ensure it meets all operational, safety, and quality standards.